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BH Home specializes in custom made furniture design. We work one-on-one with clients to create durable pieces that will not only last but sit, look and fit just right.

All of our pieces start with a custom, alder kiln dried frame that is then upholstered to your exact specifications. If you need assistance in coming up with your furniture design, we provide in-person consultations and are able to measure and develop the perfect piece.


Frames are made in our workshop from Alder Kiln-Dried wood with joints that are double-doweled, glued, screwed, and blocked for strength and stability.


Springs and webbing are attached to the frame to give the seat and back a desired amount of elasticity or “give.” Steel zig-zag springs are incorporated on the base of every piece of furniture and sturdy webbing is interwoven in each back. 8 Way Hand Tied Springs are available upon request. 


Upon receipt, fabric and leather is inspected and measured. It is cut by hand and pattern matched for each piece of furniture. Fabric is sewn carefully with attention to detail and to each fabric’s unique characteristics.


Standard seat cushions are filled with high resilience foam that is wrapped in trillium and encased in a soft fabric ticking. This is also called an envelope cushion.

Standard back cushions are filled with solid trillium or solid 25/75 down feather fill.

Trillium: is a synthetic down alternative which mimics the characteristics of natural down, but is entirely hypoallergenic and will never result in escaping feathers.

Trillium Envelope: Constructed with high resilience foam that is wrapped in trillium.

25/75 Down Feather Envelope: Constructed with high resilience foam that is wrapped in 25% White Goose Down & 75% White Goose Feather.


Final detail trim, nailhead, and welts are applied with care once the piece has been upholstered. These methods create the specific style a client/designer wants to capture for that final touch.


Personalize any exposed wood with our selection of wood stains and finishes including white wash natural oak, natural white oak, brown wash natural oak, black wash natural oak, and grey wash natural oak.


Upon completion, each piece is meticulously inspected to ensure it matches the customer’s specifications exactly. For safe delivery, all legs are individually wrapped. The piece is shrink wrapped and blanket wrapped to ensure the greatest protection for the piece during shipment.


BH Home offers our customers warranty for all products. This warranty offers the reassurance of knowing their furniture will last and that it was manufactured with the highest quality for our customer. There are no returns allowed for orders other than manufacturing defects, which BH Home has the right to repair. This warranty is only valid for damages regarding workmanship, not for damages created by daily wear & tear. 

Frame & Springs:

Warranty is valid for the frame and springs for up to one year, if the product has been used under normal conditions. If a manufacturer defect were to occur, our trained artisans will inspect the item and determine whether the item should be repaired or replaced. If a manufacturer besides BH Home makes repairs, the warranty will be automatically revoked. BH Home does not guarantee third party work. Shipping and handling is not included in the warranty. If BH Home artisans notice that the frame has been damaged due to poor care, improper use, or mishandling upon delivery, BH Home will not be liable for the frame and warranty will be invalid. 

Seat Cushion Core:

BH Home does not offer warranty for foam. This includes densities such as 1.8, 2.0, 2.5, HR, and outdoor foam. If loss of resiliency occurs within one year, warranty will be applicable. Although seat foam will soften and compress, it should not loose it's normal resilience and recover from compression. However, feather or trillium wraps which surround the foam core, will over time, lose some initial loft. But, this is not considered defective, as is the nature of the product. 

Back Pillows: 

Warranty is valid for zippers and seams for one year against manufacturing defects or seam slippage. 

Warranty Service:

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the BH Home warranty policy, please contact us for more information. If the repair cannot be completed on location, arrangements must be made to transport the furniture to the place of repair. This warranty does not include the cost of transporting furniture to and from the workshop.


BH Home furniture deliveries within 100 miles of Los Angeles are subject to a $350.00 delivery fee. 

BH Home offers full service shipping and scheduling for out of state deliveries. BH Home works one on one with third party delivery companies for all out of state deliveries. Pickups occur monthly and expected delivery is 7-10 days within the Continental US. 


Please Note: BH Home does not have an in-house delivery service. All deliveries are carried out via third party delivery companies.

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